RTK is a 6-shot revolver loaded with one bullet, simulating the Russian Roulette on the Ethereum blockchain. Players can use their revolvers in the Game Hub against other players and steal their guns!

Operating guns is fun, but comes with responsibility, just like in the real world. Read these rules carefully before operating your RTK revolver: 

  • In the strange world of Ruletka killing others (or yourself) is completely legal. However, firing a gun is illegal and the police will seize it; for this reason, RTK revolvers are getting really hard to find these days. Do not pull the trigger [1] unless you are okay with losing your revolver if someone gets shot [2].
  • All standard-issue RTK revolvers have no safety lock and are loaded with one bullet. These revolvers have really sensitive triggers, so every time they change hands the trigger is pulled and someone can get shot. Do not trade these revolvers on the street unless you are willing to risk getting shot.
  • You can buy or sell revolvers at the gun store [3] at the current market price. Inside the store all guns have a temporary safety lock on, so there is no risk of getting shot. Before you leave the store, the safety lock is removed from your revolver; remember that it’s loaded!
  • You are able to load more bullets into your revolver. For more details please visit the AMMO page.
  • You can use your revolver in the Game Hub against other players. Be smart and more importantly, have fun!
[1] Pulling the trigger: sending RTK from one Ethereum address to another

[2] Getting shot: RTK is sent to a burn address instead of the intended address. The tokens are lost forever.

[3] Gun store: Uniswap, a decentralized exchange for the trading of Ethereum-based tokens

Additional Information

Name: Ruletka Token

Ticker: RTK

Initial supply: 1 million coins

Token contract: 0x1F6DEADcb526c4710Cf941872b86dcdfBbBD9211

The base token asset of the Ruletka platform is Ruletka Token (RTK), a deflationary ERC-20 token that simulates the Russian Roulette on the Ethereum blockchain. With every transaction of RTK a random number between 1 and 6 is chosen. If 6 is chosen, the coins are sent to a burn address, thereby lowering the circulating supply and making the token deflationary.

RTK’s burn mechanism is used in party-like games of chance designed for reward-seeking players. Unlike with other deflationary tokens, RTK users have economic incentives to burn their coins – i.e. get shot – in the Game Hub, which leads to deflation through the organic and voluntary destruction of coins. 

But the Ruletka platform is more than just RTK. The platform will constantly be improved upon and expanded by means of Ruletka Improvement Proposals (RIPs), the first of which is currently being implemented with Operation Fenix. This RIP introduces a new token asset called AMMO, which will allow RTK users to increase their chance of getting shot to win the games, thereby increasing the in-game usage of RTK and as a result, its deflation rate. For more details about the progress of current and future RIPs please follow our Medium channel.

On the other hand, the RTK contract has a whitelisting function that facilitates trading and providing liquidity to the official Ruletka pools on Uniswap without the risk of getting shot. This function will also be used for future applications where risk-free transactions are needed. Nevertheless, RTK users should be aware that using the token outside the Game Hub can result in unwanted coin burns and should therefore always move their coins through Uniswap.