πŸŽ‰Team RuletkaToken are pleased to announce that the first GAME LOBBY is now LIVE!πŸŽ‰
⚠️Please make sure you have a web-Ethereum wallet connect to the website.⚠️


The Last Bounty Hunter

-coming soon-

-coming soon-


Low Tier GAME

100 RTK

High Tier GAME

250 RTK

Pot-Shot Rules

How to Play

First automated game developed on the Ruletka Token’s 1 in 6 chance burn mechanism. These burns are called “SHOTS
Developed by: @Amit_crypto007

πŸ’₯πŸ”« To send shots you must connect an Ethereum wallet to our website DApp – this will be prompted each time you load the page.
To play, simply press the button of which Game Tier you want to play (100 RTK or 250 RTK) and confirm your transaction in you wallet.
Use the above embedded chat log to track down if your transaction got SHOT and won the pot.

– You can send as many transactions as you want per round;
– First transaction to get SHOT (burned / sent to 0x) WINS the round;
– PRIZE for each round is divide so: 50% to the winner of the round, 40% to the jackpot prize and 10% to the game fund for gas and to up expenses ( these % may change based on tweaks and improvements to the code);
– If the Jackpot prize falls bellow x3 of the send 100 RTK / 250 RTK amount than the Jackpot will be automatically topped up by the bot


Each time bot comes online it will announce the start of the game and include the Jackpot prize, see example:
🏁 Game started!
🎰 Jackpot: 109.15 RTK

Each time a player sends a transaction and gets SHOT (burned / sent to 0x) and the bot will announce with a similar message:
πŸ’₯πŸ”« 0xab7…B1D68 just got shot and won the pot!
πŸ† Prize: 50 RTK
🎰 Left in jackpot: 43 RTK…

Each time a player sends a transaction but does not get SHOT they will get a similar message:
🟑 0xab7…B1D68 just sent 250.0 RTK and survived!
🎰 Jackpot: 50 RTK

Each time the Jackpot prize runs out of RTK tokens this message will appear:
πŸ’Έ Topping up the game wallet with another 75.0 RTK
🎰 Jackpot now: 1 RTK. After top up will be: 76 RTK