If RTK is a 6-shot revolver loaded with one bullet, then AMMO are extra bullets that players can load into their revolver.

The following rules apply to using AMMO:

  • You are able to load your revolver with up to 4 extra bullets.
  • Each extra bullet gives you an additional 1 in 6 chance of shooting someone / getting shot [1] when the trigger is pulled [2].
  • You are also able to unload your revolver until only 1 bullet is left.
  • A more heavily loaded revolver has the same properties as a standard-issue RTK revolver, except for the higher chance of someone getting shot. For details about how to use a standard-issue revolver please visit the How it works page.
  • Bullets can be bought and sold at the gun store [3] or earned by working on the Ruletka farm [4]

The option to load bullets into a revolver will soon be available on our platform.

[1] Getting shot: RTK is sent to a burn address instead of the intended address. The tokens are lost forever.

[2] Pulling the trigger: sending RTK from one Ethereum address to another

[3] Gun store: Uniswap, a decentralized exchange for the trading of Ethereum-based tokens

[4] Ruletka farm: farming dapp where liquidity providers of the official Ruletka pools on Uniswap can farm (i.e. earn) AMMO tokens with their liquidity tokens`

Additional Information

Token name: Ammunition

Ticker: AMMO

Initial supply: 3.5 million coins

Token contract: 0x41D4E9880d6aE03f6E152A52afc3ECF82063A08b

Ammunition (AMMO) is a utility token introduced in Ruletka’s first Improvement Proposal and it entails the first expansion of the Ruletka platform. This ERC-20 token will be brought to market in the form of an airdrop (10%) to RTK holders and as farming rewards (90%) for liquidity providers of the official Ruletka pools on Uniswap. More details about the distribution of AMMO can be found in the Medium article.

AMMO’s main function is to increase RTK’s in-game usage by simulating bullets that can be loaded into the RTK gun, thereby increasing a player’s chance of getting shot at the Game Hub by 1/6 per extra bullet. This will be possible by means of swap contracts that will facilitate 2-way swaps between RTK and AMMO on the one side and on the other side, forks of RTK but with higher chances of burn.

The addition of AMMO to the Ruletka ecosystem introduces new dynamics that contribute to the long-term sustainability of the project, as it provides dynamic economic incentives for players that self-adjust based on market conditions. Besides adding utility to the platform, AMMO also provides a source of funds for further development, rewards for liquidity providers and more options to facilitate developer creativity. For more details about this platform expansion please read about Operation Fenix